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Bandolera Tango Shoes  is an widely-recognized brand from Italy , which keeps the best traditions of Italian shoe artisans and craftmanship together with exquisite design. Being passionate about Argentine Tango, Bandolera company has put a lot of effort into research collaborating with famous dancers and various specialists to create a line of luxury tango shoes which are beautiful but also super comfortable. The Bandolera Shoes for men and women quickly gained popularity as they are well known for their high level of comfort and good fit due to extra thick plantar cushioning for the ball of the foot, so NO MORE PAIN ! Bandolera Men’s shoes are known for their soft ,shock absorbing heel for extra comfort.

Dancing  in Bandolera shoes will give you  a feeling of lightness and comfort that we invite you to  personally experience. Choose your pair from  the wide range of models and colors offered in a huge selection of elegant designs.

Bandolera Tango Shoes are also famous by their VEGAN collection of tango shoes. All shoes have comfy soft cushioning for the ball of the foot which add to your comfort while dancing.

History of the company “Bandolera Tango Shoes”
In 2004, in italian countryside near Rimini, an ambitious project was born: to combine the great experience as Tango Teacher of the owner of the company, with a new line of innovative and high-performance footwear.
This project was given the name of Bandolera Tango Shoes.
Early Bandoleras were made thanks to the collaboration with non-professional designers, only after the design was entrusted to Fabiana Montesi and other professional fashion designers.
At the same time it is developed the innovative plantar padding NO MORE PAIN for lady’s shoes, a unique feature that makes Bandolera a leading brand, present throughout the world with more than 80 dealers spread across in about 17countries, and which employs more then 45 persons: cobblers, employees, designers and other special lists.
Cradled by the skilled hands of Italian master shoemakers and passionate and farsighted vision  of a professional Argentine Tango Teacher that believes in his dreams, Bandolera has deeply changed the way of producing the notion of Tango Shoes.

Comme Il Faut

Rhythm & Motion is the only Toronto supplier of Comme il Faut dance shoes.

Handmade in Buenos Aires, each shoe is uniquely beautiful, each design made in very limited quantities. Incredibly long-lasting and comfortable, these shoes are available only from Buenos Aires and a select few importers.

Designed and made by dancers, they provide excellent comfort and stability on the dance floor. Boasting bright colours, wild patterns, sparkles, and intimate details of the very best quality, Comme il Faut dance shoes are the among the most coveted of luxury shoes.

Although created specifically for Tango, their comfort and amazingly sexy and flirtatious styles also appeal to the fashionable everyday woman. Featured in Elle, Vogue, and the New York Times, among others, Comme Il Faut shoes’ cult status is fast-growing outside of Argentina.

We invite you to come in to our studio to try them on during business hours.


Turquoise Shoes are designed and hand crafted in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rhythm and Motion is an exclusive supplier of the beautiful and comfortable Turquoise Shoes in Toronto.

Having danced for more than a decade, Turquoise Tango Shoes owners, Baris Sozen, Hande Orhan,Hasan Seremet, have spent a fortune on shoes, buying them in different countries, finding some less than elegant, others constructed without proper understanding of anatomy or geometry; some lacking in balance others in the comfort necessary to dance for hours at milongas and festivals.

Deciding that ‘good enough is not enough’, Turquoise owners resolved to create their own line of shoes, testing them personally at milongas to ensure that they achieved the right combination of quality, durability, and elegance.

We are happy to be part of their team.

You can custom order your Turquoise shoes through us. We take care of the shipping and customs for you.

See what styles are currently available at and please email us so we can custom order the special pair for you.