No. Although all of our classes are partner dances, you do not need a partner to take the class. We get many people coming without partners. You will find a partner in the class and we change partners during the class so you will have the opportunity to dance with different people. Couples that join the class are also encouraged to rotate partners but are not forced to.

Wear comfortable clothing so you can move with ease.
Do not wear strong perfumes or colognes as some people have environmental sensitivities. Please remember your personal hygiene, as you will be dancing in close proximity to your partner.

Ladies should wear shoes with a small heel and men should wear leather-soled shoes. Running shoes are not recommended. They are not appropriate for dancing.
No outside shoes are allowed on the dance floor as dirt and water will damage the floor.
Please bring a change of shoes with you.

If you have taken lessons elsewhere and would like to join a class in a level higher than the beginner class you must book an evaluation session to determine which level is best suited for you. Programs are progressive in nature and students must demonstrate competency in the material covered in the session before moving to a higher level. Instructors reserve the right to discourage students from enrolling in a program that is unsuitable for their skill level.

No refunds will be issued after the first week of a new session.

Students should make an effort to attend every class in the session. However, if you must miss a class we will allow you to make it up by attending any other class that is within the level of your expertise or lower. ALL MISSED CLASSES MUST BE MADE UP WITHIN THE CURRENT SESSION. No credits will be given for future sessions.

Note that private class packages and gift certificates have expiry dates. Please make sure to use those up before they expire as there will be no refunds after expiry date. There are no refunds on gift certificates, regardless of expiry date.

If for some reason you’re not satisfied with the shoes you received, you must notify us immidiately after receiveing them.
We offer refunds or exchange within two weeks of purchase. The shoes must not be worn/used in any way.
Return or exchange shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.
No refunds will be honored after two weeks from the date of purchase.